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In the coming weeks, we will publish a calendar of golf competitions for the current year. These competitions may include the form of "ranking tests" and will be played in stableford. You can try to improve your index!

See you soon !


balle greenThere are many types and formats of competition. As a beginner you will participate in a club competition organized in a golf course (your or another golf in your area). Other types of competition are Grand Prizes, League Championship, Trophy, ... more aimed at the best players.

Then the format is important too. The most practiced is the stableford which is a format where each player plays individually against par. Many club competitions are also played in scramble at 2 or 4.

This format has several variants but the most practiced is scramble 2 (so a team of 2 players playing against other teams of 2). It's up to you to choose the desired format according to the next competitions of your club.

The scramble can be less stressful because you play 2 and often the best ball is taken into account.



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