Jean-François Cabarrouy, the owner, has led the project for more than ten years with passion and tenacity, At his side: Pierre Graciaa, the general manager, Thomas Olivier, the green-keeper and his team of gardeners as well as French Pro,  Sébastien Branger, former PGA Europe,  native of the Basque Coast.

Golf architect Nicolas Joakimides comments : ” The setting is breathtaking with the centuries-old trees, the castle and the view of the Pyrenees, an ideal terrain for golf. Here we find many elements similar to those of Augusta which make it a strategic and amusing course at the same time. ” Bordered by woods, the golf course that encloses the elegant Château Nitot, offers in clear weather, a superb view on the Pyrenees. In April 2017, the Golf Club Navarrenx opened with  an exciting 9 hole course,  a unique training set-up including a covered driving range,  a putting mini golf course and a compact 6-hole course. The 9-hole (3,500 m) course is just exceptional and forecasts the best for the 18 holes coming in 2018. In clear weather, the magnificent view of the Pyrenees mountain puts in scene the unheard-of beauty of the domain. The proof in pictures :

  Golf de Navarrenx Domaine Nitot   Golf de Navarrenx Domaine Nitot   Golf de Navarrenx Domaine Nitot  Golf Club Navarrenx   Golf Club Navarrenx   143-9trous    Golf de Navarrenx Domaine Nitot   Travaux Nitot   Golf de Navarrenx Domaine Nitot



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